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Re: TVIP Appstore

Post by den1s » 18 Jan 2021, 16:08

zyrtek wrote:
18 Jan 2021, 15:28
hello, I would like to install an application like smarters pro, are there any that work in linux? because the 415 only works in linux.
I already found a which is smart iptv.

You can try other way in linux:
Settings->TV->Content source->Web portal
Next press button Setup Web portal:
- Portal url -> your portal url
- portal manager -> Off
- Use web portal -> tv only
- API mode: GSTB

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Re: TVIP Appstore

Post by zyrtek » 18 Jan 2021, 17:26

thank you for your reply,
this is what I do when I have a subscription to put in the decoder. the concern is that I have to leave the mac address of the stb to the supplier.

but is there another application other than smartiptv in linux?

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