Waiting channel list

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Waiting channel list

Post by Greg » 06 Feb 2020, 15:09

I am trying to get my box setup and I have internet connection but when I select watch tv I get a permanent message saying Waiting for channel list. Have waited but nothing happens. Any help?? Thanks

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Re: Waiting channel list

Post by TMC » 07 Feb 2020, 11:15

Have you contacted your TV provider?

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Re: Waiting channel list

Post by don22 » 17 Jan 2021, 21:21

What have the tv provider to do with this? This is Iptv and if I have antenna connected that would be a problem?
I still waiting for my channel list.

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Re: Waiting channel list

Post by snurre » 18 Jan 2021, 00:08

You need an IPTV service provider who will provide the channel list for you.

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Re: Waiting channel list

Post by kartaldk09 » 07 Feb 2021, 13:54

I have same issu after the last update.. here are the details how it provokete the fail..
- press "OK"
- then scroll down to nex page.
-then it stoks and writing " Loading" you can wait here hours with out any change.

how to go out from this stupid mode? , go back to main menu and choice another package where you can see the channels list , then go back then it works agan.

REMEMBER this happen for me evry 3. time i scroll down to next page on channel list.

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